Lessons from Uttar Kand, Tulsi RamCharitmaanas


Uttar Kand, the concluding chapter of the Tulsi Ramcharitmanas, delivers a powerful narrative filled with insights on leadership, ethics, and the culmination of an epic journey. As we traverse through this chapter, we uncover timeless lessons that echo through time and offer guidance for all of us. Let's delve into the these ancient wisdom that Uttar Kand imparts, with verses from the epic as our guide.

1. Upholding Ethical Leadership: Uttar Kand underscores the importance of ethical leadership through Lord Rama's unwavering commitment to dharma (righteousness). In our world, ethical practices foster trust and integrity.

"जीवनमुक्त ब्रह्मपर चरित सुनहि तजि ध्यान।

जे हरि कथा न करहि रति तिन्ह के हिय पाषाण।।"

2. Celebrating Achievements and Successes: Lord Rama's return to Ayodhya and the grand celebration that ensues serve as a reminder of the importance of celebrating achievements and successes with family members. Recognizing and appreciating accomplishments can boost morale and motivation.

"सुमन बतिका सबहि लागै। बिबिध भाँति करि जतन बनायी।।

लता ललित बहु जाति सुहाई। फूलहिं सदा बसंत की नायि।।"

3. Resolution of Doubts Through Learning: The dialogue between Kakbhushundi and Garuda in Uttar Kand showcases the importance of resolving doubts through interactions with knowledgeable individuals. In families, fostering a culture of continuous learning and seeking guidance from experts can lead to informed decision-making and growth.

"गयउ गरुड़ जहँ बसइ भुसुण्डा। मति अकुंठ हरि भगति अखंडा।।

देखि सैल प्रसन्न मन भयऊ। माया मोह सोच सब गयऊ।।"

4. Vision - Ram Rajya: Lord Rama's establishment of Ram Rajya serves as a powerful example of executing a visionary plan. In families, senior family members who can translate their vision into actionable strategies and execute them efficiently are more likely to realize their goals.

"अवधपुरी बासिन्ह कर सुखसंपत्ति समाज।

सहस शेष नहिं कहि सखी जहँ नृप राम बिराज।।"

Uttar Kand not only concludes the epic journey but also imparts timeless lessons. It serves as a testament to the enduring value of ethical practices, work-life balance, conflict resolution, adaptability, and the celebration of achievements in the families. These lessons, drawn from an ancient epic, continue to guide modern families toward excellence and success.

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