Ajrakh - An Overview


We thank you for pouring your love and support to Grishya Fashions. We shall continue to share more products from our weavers fraternity.

As we progress in our journey, we are proud to bring knowledge of our brothers and sisters from different parts of India bringing knowledge about rarest form of crafts to the entire world.

In this article, we are sharing our thoughts about Ajrakh. Ajrakh printing is known for its unique geometrical shapes with spectacular combination of colors of a deep indigo and rich crimson. This art was developed in the heart of desert city Barmer (State - Rajasthan) and primarily practiced by Khatri community. In this art form, pattern required is to be made on textile, and subsequently dye repellent is applied for colour resistance. This process is very tedious, technical and lengthy and requires special skills. 

Due to specific skills requirement and low payout associated with the efforts required, this art is becoming rare. 

Lets pledge to keep this art alive by supporting Ajrakh artisans.   

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